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Monthly Archives for August 2011


The iOS to-do App: Wunderlist

Have more than an iPhone and can’t stand to manually sync all the gadgets? No problem! Wunderlist uses a cloud sync feature to bring together all your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad gadgets in an instant (actually it takes about

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Mobile Remote connections: VNC Viewer

The VNC Viewer is an app designed to allow access to the computer by using an Android smartphone or a tablet, giving you the ability to run applications and view the desktop just as you would on your computer.  The

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Twitter Apps for the iOS 2

If you like Twitter and enjoy reading and sending out tweets on the iPhone, then you surely know that there are many apps for tweeting. But the reality is that currently there are more than 8000 Twitter client apps available

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The Tomtom GPS App

TOMTOM has been around for a long time and it has set itself apart from other GPS applications as a solid, highly reliable and full-featured piece of software; their products have been sold in large numbers. With the boom in

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The rising trend: QR Codes

QR CODES have been around since 1994, though mostly overlooked until recently. Because users can embed significantly more data other than simple numbers, and smartphones with cameras are able to read them, they eliminate manual data entry for keyboard-less devices.

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