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Monthly Archives for November 2011


Wallet One: A truly worthy digital wallet

The Wallet One mobile app, also known as W1, is designed to help make all of your digital payments faster and easier. This mobile application has great features that handle all your financial transactions safely and securely. Payments and Purchases

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Trapster Makes Speeding Tickets Obsolete

TRAPSTER is a mobile app that allows drivers to share information about speed traps and other roadway hazards to other drivers who have the software installed as well. Basically, it is a social media tool that lets motorists drive safely,

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Leading Medicine Guide’s Top Doctors App

If you are planning to go to Germany and visit this great and historic country with its music, art and architecture (and of course, beer), then do not forget to download this iOS app:  Leading Medicine Guide’s Top Doctors Application.

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Kerby-Reid’s Pro-Rata Insurance Calculator

With the current economic situation coupled with the rapid technological advancements being made in various industries, more and more businesses are closing down, changing operational processes, or diversifying and expanding to other markets both locally and abroad.  As a result,

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Google Voice Actions

A Siri Killer?  No, but nevertheless a handy app for Android users. While the ability to multitask in today’s workplace is a big plus to your career advancement, it certainly is hard to do when trying to climb a flight

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