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A Lone Worker Phone App could keep you Safe on the Road

All over the UK there are thousands of lone workers in roles that require them to spend some or all of their working day out of the office and on the road. Lone workers are in a more vulnerable position

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News360 screenshot

News360 App Review

News360 is a very unique, stylish, and easy to use newsreader app.  However, unlike any newsreader apps I have tested and reviewed, this one has some very special features that set it apart from your ordinary newsfeed aggregator app.  

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Dashlane 2.0 Screenshot

Dashlane 2.0 for Android App Review

Recently, we reviewed Dashlane for Android, one of the top password managers available in both the Android and iOS mobile app stores.  In that review, we made some suggestions on how the app can be improved and it is so

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NVision Screenshot

NVision News App Review

With Android dominating the market share, many Android fans may be looking for the best mobile app that would update them with the latest news and reviews about their favorite mobile operating system.  The most popular Android news app is

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Pocket Casts Screenshot

Pocket Casts for Android Review

Podcasts are increasing in popularity.  Last year, Edison Research released their findings on how much podcasts have grown as a new form of media consumption.  Since 2006, it appears that the number of people who were aware about podcasts jumped

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