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10. July 2013 by Arcee A

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An Invitation to Publish your Mobile App Articles on iUNIQ


iUNIQ.com, a technology agnostic resource for issues of Mobile Applications accepts guest posts.

When it comes to mobile business application development, this website provides information and tools, such as blog postings and guest blog re-postings on a broad spectrum of technologies, issues from publishing, marketing and promoting an app to development tool review, designing and the actual creation of an app. It provides information at all skill levels.

Our Goal: to provide a centralized repository of information and resources for all mobile devices and stakeholders.

We are inviting mobile app gurus, bloggers, writers, programmers, technicians, sales and marketing people along with industry experts to share their knowledge, showcase their technical talents and give their professional tips and advice to the rest of the mobile application development community.

For those who wish to participate, we provide authorship linkbacks and promotional acknowledgement. Authors retain copyright ownership but we retain the  right to re-publish on our social media and other partner sites. Our goal is to help our community experts get professional recognition while assisting those entering mobility.

You can also moderate an existing forum topic or create your own new one. Promote yourself and business by participating and sharing.

At iUNIQ.com, bloggers and writers can have their mobile app articles published with full recognition, gurus can aid those seeking assistance with their codes in the forum, and specialists in the mobile application development field can freely and publicly share their white papers and other technical resources.

You can submit for distribution:

  • blogs for reposting (syndication)
  • reviews of applications or tools
  • papers and reports

At iUNIQ.com you’ll be highly esteeemed for your skills, get to know and interact with fellow experts, grow your business and help shape the future of mobile application development. Register at the site and participate right away.  Email us at editor@iuniq.com for submissions and other concerns.