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14. December 2011 by A.Ram

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NFC Hub: Trailblazing NFC Applications

With NFC Hub, Nokia aims to promote the use and adoption of NFC in businesses worldwide. NFC Hub is initially offering the creation of NFC Tag embedded business cards, stickers and posters.  But unlike other companies that offer the creation of NFC Tags, NFC Hub does so much more.

With a full back-end system, NFC Hub empowers clients with a complete campaign service that comes with very useful campaign management tools.  Once a customer’s order has been delivered, said customer will be able to log in at NFC Hub’s website to view analytics, edit campaign details, and even manage multiple campaigns quite easily.

Supported devices

According to NFC Hub, NFC is supported not only on several Nokia handsets, but on other smartphones and devices from Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola, Acer, and Sagem.  NFC will be featured on HTC and LG soon.   Click here to view the complete list of NFC-enabled devices.  Furthermore, because NFC Hub is an open system that allows the use of NFC technology regardless of the operating system, this list of NFC-enabled devices will continue to grow.  Already, new smartphones and mobile devices are coming out supporting NFC technology: a definite sign that NFC will be, if it is not already, the next big thing that would innovate the way we normally do things every day.

Expanding client base

Although it has only been launched this year, NFC Hub has already worked with notable institutions and businesses like: Museum of London, Singapore Heritage, Virgin, ITN News, SMRT (Singapore underground), Data select events, Huddlebuy/Fuel my website, Nokia SEAP, Nokia Ireland, Nokia MEA and many others.

Just a Taste:  Practical Uses of NFC

As NFC gradually enters the market, NFC Hub is able to demonstrate its tremendous potential with the following campaigns:

Facebook Like. Have you ever gone shopping and found something you really like (maybe a Lucky Chinese Programmer’s Hat) , took a picture of it with your mobile phone or digital camera, went online, posted the picture on your Facebook Wall and “Liked” it to encourage your friends to buy it as well?   With the NFC Tag embedded in NFC Hub designed posters, this lengthy process is considerably shortened.  All that is needed to accomplish this can be done in a matter of seconds just by tapping your NFC enabled device on the NFC poster or sticker and you instantly post the item and “like” it on your Facebook wall.

Custom URL. Businesses have a reason to rejoice with this ability to be able to direct its customers to a specified web page that gives additional information about their product or service.  By tapping the phone on a NFC-embedded poster, users are taken to a site of the business’ choosing thereby allowing customers to get new offers, avail discounts, browse similar products etc.   What’s more, the URL can be changed any time, granting business-owners more flexibility and control with their campaign.

Follow Us on Twitter. The Twitter campaign is very useful in allowing customers to Follow businesses in Twitter to keep them updated and informed of new products and services.  A simple tap on the NFC poster makes customers Twitter followers immediately.

FourSquare Check In. Another way of promoting a business is by letting customers notify their friends that they are currently in your establishment.   This is FourSquare’s expertise.  Again, a simple tap on the NFC poster will automatically “check in” the user, alerting friends of their current location.  Indeed, a very easy way to let your clients endorse your product or service.

Customized Campaigns. NFC Hub is ready to support you in whatever campaign you want to start.  They are more than willing to consult with you and tailor fit a campaign suited to your needs.

What’s in store

One of NFC Hub’s primary goal is to lower its pricing for its services, making the adoption of NFC technology easier and much more affordable.  View current prices here.

NFC Hub is following a roadmap to deliver more services to its clients.  They are working on: Export Function using the CSV format for downloading campaigns, adding Nokia’s Prime Place as a campaign, using WorldPay for payments to support more currencies on NFC Hub, offering NFC Gaming Tags, the integration of Nokia Pulse, and Continual Localisation.  NFC Hub is without doubt on its way to being a standard name in all things NFC.

Visit the NFC Hub Official Website for more information.