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06. August 2013 by Tonto

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A Lone Worker Phone App could keep you Safe on the Road

All over the UK there are thousands of lone workers in roles that require them to spend some or all of their working day out of the office and on the road. Lone workers are in a more vulnerable position compared to people working with at least one other colleague because they don’t have someone as a back-up in case of an accident or other emergency. Although working alone in the field cannot be avoided and is necessary in a lot of professions, something as simple and accessible as a mobile phone application can go a long way in protecting a lone worker’s safety while they are out on the road.

Some lone field workers already carry a mobile phone to check in with their office and contact their clients. To give them added security, they just need to download a personal safety application – a quick and cost-effective way of giving them added security without the need for extra equipment. In addition, personal safety apps are discreet and easy to use, making it easy to raise an alarm without offending customers. When looking for a personal safety application, keep an eye out for those that are simple to use and comes with features such as GPS tracking and hands-free dialling. For example, Lookout Call’s lone worker alarm safety system has a feature called “Watch Me” that allows the user to set a countdown timer for the duration of an appointment. When the set time allocated for an appointment is reached, the system calls the user, allowing him to excuse himself and leave if feels apprehensive about his situation. If  he doesn’t respond to the call, an alarm is raised on his behalf.

One of the most useful features of personal safety phone apps is GPS tracking. If a lone worker has a medical emergency, breaks down or is in a dangerous situation on the road, GPS tracking helps a responder to instantly locate where they are. So if you’re lost in the middle of nowhere on the way to or from an appointment, a personal safety app gives you the reassurance that you can easily be located. This also gives you more confidence to go on with your work day as quickly as possible and avoid disappointing any customers.

Lone workers on the road are more vulnerable than those in offices because they don’t have the added reassurance of CCTV security cameras and panic buttons. Having a personal safety application on their mobile phone gives them an easy way of sending out a distress call and get a speedy response from authorities. Thus, personal safety apps give peace of mind to both lone workers and their employers. Use one today.


About the author: Victoria is a communications expert who has been in the technology industry for more than 10 years. She currently works for Lookout Call, a company in Cambridge that specializes in lone safety apps.  Lookout Call has helped to deliver practical, innovative and cost effective IT product solutions and services to a diverse range of organisations across the UK.