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Marketing your mobile app
12. July 2013 by Arcee A

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How to Successfully Market Your Mobile App

Mobile apps are a cheap and convenient way to make a considerable amount of money. All that’s needed is an idea, and a computer engineer with great app making skills. As a result, millions of people around the world are trying their hand at mobile application development in an attempt to break into the market and make bundles. When it comes to apps however, you also need to make sure your innovation is marketed correctly and successfully. Here are some tips on how to successfully market your mobile app.



Most people want to be successful in their endeavors, which is understandable and in correlation with human nature. However, many people expect instant success, which is less understandable and to be quite frank, rather foolish. Most of the biggest business successes – from apps to any other type of product – is the result of long, drawn out, organic growth.

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You must therefore target an organic rise to success, and have enough patience to bear with it.

From Twitter followings to Facebook accounts and online blog content, success is the result of small steps; and the small steps in themselves, take time to fully come to fruition.



When it comes to marketing any product, the internet should be your best friend. Considering apps essentially revolve around the internet, you have even more onus to ensure that the crux of your marketing campaign is done online.

From social media accounts to blogs, your marketing should revolve around the web.

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It is most important that you also create a microsite, or a mobile responsive landing page, for your website. This will be designed and used as a funnel filler for your app, focusing on dividing the number of people that visit your site to the amount that actually buy the app. It will therefore give you invaluable knowledge on how successful your app and marketing really is.

Online press releases are also important and worth a lot of your time. If you’re not too good with words, you may want to get a copywriter or someone with good writing skills to produce your press release for you.

From Visopix to the Xbox One, all tech products – big or small – benefit from press releases. Make sure yours is as concise and yet, informative as possible.



The reason you need as many people visiting your app page and also downloading it, is for your app to reach a high ranking in app stores. This is done through app optimization.

The initial number of app installs for the first few days after launching an app is critical to the optimization of your app. Getting to the top is not easy however, and you’ll need around 40k downloads per day for the first few days to be in and around the top 25.

There are other factors that will determine how high your app is ranked in app stores, from screenshots, descriptions to app icons. You must do an app keyword analysis in order for you to know what words to include in your description and in other areas of your optimization campaign.



Competition in the mobile app industry is getting harder each day.  We hope that these tips would help you become successful in marketing your mobile app.  If you have any questions or concerns, let us know by leaving a reply below.

Image Attribution:  Coin Graph courtesy of Petr Kratochvil from PublcDomainPictures.com