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Langeroo app
26. July 2013 by Tonto

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10 Windows Phone Apps For Language Learning

Here is a list of ten Windows phone apps for language students. Each of them will help students learn a new language by translating words and phrases, help them create sentences, or simply provide a means to schedule their classes and save their homework. The list is in no particular order, as the apps all do different things.



This app will help you learn foreign languages using dictionaries, flash cards, recorded pronunciations, etc. It is one of those apps that will help you speak a second (or a third, or fourth) language fluently and flawlessly. It allows you to quiz yourself, lets you create your own dictionary, and best of all, it is totally free.


Spanish Past Tense

This is a windows app that teaches students about Spanish grammar and Spanish sentence structure. It is good for any level of Spanish learning, and will help the student to focus on simple past-tense grammar. It has a list of 340 Spanish verbs in constructing sentences. It immerses the user into the world of Spanish sentence structure in order to help them pick up the language a faster and easier.  The app, which costs $1.99, can be used at any learning level.



With this app you can create your own flashcards for your language course. You simply use the built-in editor and fill them with information that you think will be useful when learning your chosen language. You can create as many as you like (within reason), and then have them flash up in the order you desire. Or, you may have them appear randomly to make it more challenging.


Bing Translator

This is a good app that can help you remember foreign words and phrases easily. It may not give you a very good lesson in sentence structure, as you would already have to know quite a bit.  It is recommended for those who are already in the intermediate stage in learning a particular language and would like to improve their learning speed a little.


My Flip Cards

This is a flashcard system with a difference because it comes with over three million flip cards. So, all you need to do is find the flashcards for your chosen language instead of having to make up your own. This means you will be exposed to a wider variety of words that you may not have thought to include yourself.



With this app you may save your homework on the Cloud and share it with your friends. You may work in collaboration with people on certain language based projects, and you can share what you know with other people via the cloud. It also allows the student to save notes and other important details. It is good for quick notes such as times and places, and for longer notes such as homework structure or essay plans.


FlashStudy English

This is another flashcard app that helps people learn English.  You may use the app on a setting that allows you to look at the cards in a specific order, or if you already feel fairly confident then you may have the app display the cards in random order.


Langeroo Toolbox Apps

From flashcards to quizzes, this app has a number of learning tools that students will benefit from. Each pack of flashcards comes with over 160 words with great illustrations.  It is based on the English National Curriculum used in schools worldwide.


Todoist Lite

Todoist is a to-do list app.  Like other apps in this niche, you can use this app for all your note-taking needs, including listing down foreign words and phrases you want to master.  Many people use this app as a revision aid because it has a very good list function. It is also good for arranging revision schedules too.


Power Planner

If you are learning a language, then it is not a good idea to forget to do your homework. This app lets you create plans for your language lessons and notifies you when your homework is due and when you should be attending your next lesson. It can also calculate your GPA and grades.


Author bio: Korah Morrison, works for College-Paper.org – the best student’s helper. She love to write for great blogging sites like iUNIQ.com