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14. August 2013 by Tonto

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5 Android apps to analyze your website


Here are five apps that you can use on your Android phone in order to monitor and generate statistics about your website. The apps allow you to see your analytic results on the move by simply connecting with the app software. Some of the apps mentioned on this site use the Google analytics software in order to produce their results. If you are going to use any of these apps, it is advisable that you have the Google analytics code embedded into your website, and that you have a Google analytics account.


1 – gAnalytics

This is a free app that presents your Google Analytics data on charts. You are able to pick through the information manually (like you can do with Google Analytics), or you may view it in chart form as per the designs of the app. The app is simple in its design, and the charts, images and information is optimized for smaller screens. The app is free, and you can view many of the statistics that Google Analytics has to offer such as page visitors, bounce rates, page view times, etc.


2 – Analytix

This is an app that provides you with information that you would normally be able to access via Google Analytics if you were on a desktop computer. The app is easy to use and is light weight. It also does not take up too much CPU power, so you will find that it runs quite quickly too.

You can use this app to see how many people have visited per day/week/month, and you can see what country they came from. You can see which pages are your top referring pages and you can monitor how many page views you have had. You can see how much revenue you have made and what your top keywords are. It is even possible to see which browsers are used the most in order to view your website. You can also monitor how long it takes to load a page – a handy feature which can help you to make design changes to further optimize your site.


3 – Droid Analytics

This is an analytics app that allows you to see how many people have visited your site. You can actually record data for years and see how much traffic you gained and lost for that period. Naturally, you are also able to see how many people looked at your website in one day, week or month. You can see the information on easy-to-read charts, and also view other statistics such as your page views, bounce rate, and how long your viewers look at your pages.


4 – GAnalyticz

This is an app for checking your Google Analytic results. It is a very fast app that has an air of simplicity that some people may enjoy. It is a free app and like other Google analytic apps, it will show you your page views, visits, bounce rate, unique visitors, and other information in a simple but easy to understand format.


5 – mAnalytics

This is one of the apps that uses Google analytics to create its statistics. The stats it shows are all very neatly displayed and easy to understand.  They are all optimized to be viewed on a small phone screen. You may login to the app securely and set up multiple accounts so that you can monitor the progress of all of your blogs and websites.

You can opt to receive regular and daily statistics, or you can check the app manually. Data is presented as charts, or you can look at the raw numbers. It gives you lots of information, such as how many people have visited your website, the pages that they frequent and the places where your traffic came from. You can also monitor the statistics involving your keywords. You can see which keywords are driving traffic to your website and how they are helping you gain better rankings in search engine results.

This app is free, and is very good for quickly seeing how well your website is doing. Its traffic source and keyword research functions are also good for running trial and error tests on your website.


About the Author: This post is written by Kate Funk. She is a professional blogger and writer at Tutorsclass. She specializes in topics of interest to techno geeks and networking enthusiasts.