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29. July 2013 by Tonto

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Excellent iPhone Apps You Should Download

The iPhone has become a very useful mobile device, so useful in fact that it has become integrated in our society empowering people to do a lot of things easier and faster while on the go. Here is a list of iPhone apps which you may find useful:

Buffer – This is an essential app for those of you who use social media every day. You can regularly post on social media networks to build followers and gain influence. You can also add links, articles and updates to a queue which the app releases at a scheduled. You can also create social media posts for a week in just one hour and can add updates whenever you want.

Evernote – This is one of the best note taking apps that helps you organize big data. It can keep everything from meeting notes, quotes, audio notes, drafts and blog ideas. You can also save articles and important documentation. You can upload, scan, and clip notes from your mobile web browser. You can also attach photos, audio files and many others. The app also has a search function that helps you get to any note stored within the app quickly.

Dropbox – This cloud storage app helps you to store, sync, access and share files across all of your devices. This app supports Microsoft, Android and Apple platforms. It is considered as the best app for storing, collaborating files and backing up devices. It is a free app which comes with a basic storage capacity of 2GB.

Mailbox – Creating, sending and receiving emails has become one of the primary ways we communicate with each other.  This tool helps users manage their emails.  Utilize swipes for archiving, deleing or scheduling email for later reading.

Any.Do – With its sleek interface, this task management app is one of the good ones in its niche. Tasks are created easily by swiping downwards. Not only can you add notes, you can set their priorities and add alerts. A new feature has been added recently called “moment” designed to help users plan their day quickly. It also helps assign, collaborate and share the tasks with others.

1Password – This is a password manager iPhone app that stores and encrypts login credentials, account numbers, credit numbers and other important information.  Access all your passwords by remembering only one password.

Mint – This is a free personal finance tool which allows users to connect their savings, loan, and investment and credit card accounts.  It lets you view balances and bills whenever you want to. It also helps you to make a budget and track monetary movements after analyzing your spending habits.

Tempo – This is a calendar app which uses “artificial intelligence” in providing users with useful information. Events are created as action items for references. This app processes information and attempts to pull email threads, relevant maps, documents, presentation and contacts into the calendar events.


Author Bio: Mark likes to write about the mobile phone industry. He writes about the latest and best apps available and loves to speculate about the future of the industry.