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  • NewTube

    NewTube is a high-quality YouTube viewer app for iOS devices. With its fluid and professionally designed interface, users get to enjoy the best YouTube viewing experience possible on iPhone and iPad.

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  • Pro-Rata Insurance Calculator

    Kerby-Reid’s Pro-rata Insurance Calculator allows insurance agents, brokers and underwriters to easily and accurately compute earned and unearned premiums.

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  • Playlist share

    Playlist share application is a handy tool with a variety of functionality for users to
    share their playlists with friends.

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  • E-Lerts – Mobile Emergency Alerts System

    When it comes to information dissemination, knowledge, preparedness and timeliness are vital especially in any critical situation. It enables the recipient to make the right and immediate decisions, and this is one of the main reasons E-Lerts is created.

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  • Birdwatcher

    The System is an iPhone application that allows customers to view and collect bird sightings.

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  • SAT II Chemistry Prep

    SAT II Chemistry Prep guides you through all of the topics on the Chemistry SAT II. 250 relevant questions, are presented.

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  • Pics Gone Wild

    We know you have them – those pictures from the night before that your friends will be shaking their heads at. Or maybe you’re out having fun with your friends and a funny photo opportunity comes up – so you take it.

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  • Upfront

    Upfront is an iPhone app that aims to make your television experience less hectic. It’s goal is to do one thing for you: Tell you what’s new on TV tonight.

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  • iShotU

    Welcome to iShotU by Unknown Apps. Where you can hit your friends and family with paintballs and spitballs (with realistic sounds). Appropriate for kids and good old fashion fun for teen, and adults.

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  • Cellar Rat

    Cellar Rat is a simple and intuitive mobile wine quality rating system that uses emoticons to provide wine quality ratings by region and year for over sixty wine regions worldwide and two decades of vintages.

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  • Dexter Scramble

    The challenge: Unscramble the Dexter poster in as few moves as possible.

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  • Clown Nose Camera

    Clown around with your iPhone, it’s a TOY! Clown Nose Camera utilize, iPhone’s incredible accelerometer technology to control a red ball within the 4 walls of your iPhone.

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  • Ruboku Deluxe

    RUBOKU DELUXE is the fascinating new twist on SUDOKU. Solve the Puzzle by arranging the tiles so that each color only occurs once in each ROW and COLUMN (just like Sudoku).

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  • Tube-It

    Tube-it is a video recorder for any iPhone (2G and 3G) that allows you to make videos, store them on your iPhone and upload them instantly with 1 click to YouTube.

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  • Hello Vino

    Hello Vino is a FREE wine pairing and suggestion app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Whether you’re looking for a wine to pair with food, enjoy on its own (by taste or flavor), or give as a gift, Hello Vino assists the beginning wine consumer with recommendations.

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  • Lie Detector 800

    We all have a hard time trusting anyone under this recession. At a restaurant, for example, your friends disappear when you get a check. Are they still your friends? Is your girlfriend/boyfriend faithful? More importantly, do you really love your partner?

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