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Clown Nose Camera

Clown around with your iPhone, it’s a TOY!

Clown Nose Camera utilizes the iPhone’s incredible accelerometer technology to control a red ball within the 4 walls of your iPhone. Here’s how it works.

Using the built-in camera on your iphone, capture your friend or foe being a complete clown. Then, simply tilt your phone and guide the red ball over the person’s nose. The ball will snap right into place, creating a wacky clown nose. You will enjoy a fun sound and vibration. Save the clown image to your camera library, then send someone a surprise “You’ve Been Clowned” or “You’re a Clown” e-mail.

Many apps lose their appeal after a few uses. But you’ll want to keep Clown Nose Camera around for that perfect moment. Now you can make anyone a clown.