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E-Lerts – Mobile Emergency Alerts System

When it comes to information dissemination, knowledge, preparedness and timeliness are vital especially in any critical situation. It enables the recipient to make the right and immediate decisions, and this is one of the main reasons E-Lerts is created.

Phone systems are outdated and complex, whereas text systems are unreliable and costly. E-Lerts is the next generation native mobile platform for delivering urgent information with unrelenting speed and reliability that will address such issues. The E-Lerts system allows users to get information quickly, see the location of the alert, and communicate back with messages or seek for help.

E-Lerts is a social network based on groups that automatically determines the users’ locations and/or universities where they study. Users receive a notification every time a new message is posted in a shared group.

A group manager has access to the backend administrative panel that has the ability to create events for groups, write descriptions, attach pictures and point events locations on the map. The manager can also view users’ comments and “help asking” messages list. Users can send “help asking” alerts, at the same time the administrator gets a notification with the most recent user’s coordinates.

E-Lerts application is available in three of the most popular platforms, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.


 Real time alerting
 Real time response
 Automatic and Manual Alerting
 Dedicated Online Alert Interface
 Secure Response Monitoring
 Organization Specific
 Location Based Alerting