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Pro-Rata Insurance Calculator

Kerby-Reid’s Pro-rata Insurance Calculator allows insurance agents, brokers and underwriters to easily and accurately compute earned and unearned premiums.  Whether it is free-form rate, short rate or pro-rata, users can make fast, on the fly calculations right from their mobile phone.

Using expensive and easily worn-out paper wheel calculators and disappointingly inaccurate online pro-rata tools are now a thing of the past. At an affordable price of $2.99. the app is available at iTunes App Store, Blackberry’s App World, and direct from Kerby-Reid’s website.

Testimonials from actual users:

“I’ve been using online pro-rata calculators for awhile but this really simplified things for me.  I don’t have to go online and pay just to do some minor calculations.  Now all I have to do is whip out my mobile from my shirt pocket and I’m done in a few moments!”


“This definitely made my life easier!  Thanks!”