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20. October 2014 by MasterPo

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Top Apps to Protect Your Identity

Think identity theft can’t or won’t happen to you? Let’s see if the following statistics will change your mind. In the first six months of this year 1.6 million taxpayers were affected by identity theft. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has said ‘I’ve had a police chief tell me ‘street crime is down because everyone is now filing false IRS returns.’” Identity theft has cost the government billions upon billions of dollars this year alone.

With our smartphones carrying much of our personal information, including passwords to bank accounts, emails, etc. etc., it is making identity theft that much easier. So aside from changing your passwords regularly(it is recommended that you change your passwords every three months), I found some pretty amazing apps to help protect your identity via your smartphone.

1. GotYa: This app gives you the ability to locate any smartphone or table once the app is installed. If the device is stolen the app can enable a picture to be taken of whomever stole the device. Android
2. Cerberus: Remotely access your phone from anywhere using ‘Cereberus’ website. You also have the capability of sending commands to your phone via text message or wipe the memory and the SD card. Android
3. AllClear ID: This app includes more than 20 identity protection methods that will alert you if it detects any usage of your personal information outside your normal activity. Free for iPhone users
4. mSecure Password Manager: Having a hard time coming up with a new password that won’t easily be hacked? Allow mSecure Password Manager to do it for you. This app generates random passwords for new accounts and updates old ones as well as securely storing and protecting all of your passwords. Android & iPhone
5. ProtectMyID: This app with notify you if it detects your social security number or credit card numbers are being used online. This app also offers identity theft resolutions tips and access to the Identity Theft Resolution Team. Android & iPhone
6. eWallet: ‘Your important info-secure and convenient in a digital wallet’. A complete password management app that securely stores all of your passwords. Android & iPhone
7. LastPass Password Manager: Password management app that works on your smartphone and your PC. Create an account with LastPass and save new sites as you go. LastPass creates hassle free login, saving usernames and passwords to its database. LastPass will autofill login information when you return to a site. Access all your accounts and passwords in one centralized ‘vault’. Android & iPhone
8. Call Blocker: This app allows you to generate a ‘black list’ that rejects calls, auto-forwards them, or reply’s with an automated text. Block those you know or simply select the option of blocking calls and texts of anyone outside your phone book. This app also allows you to back up your contacts and transfer data to a new phone. Android & iPhone.
9. VirusBarrier: Stop viruses and malware from passing through your phone. Viruses and malware can cause damage not only to your phone but also to your computer when synced with your phone. VirusBarrier allows files to be securely opened. iPhone
10. GadgetTrak: Missing your smartphone? Login into your GadgetTrak account using any web browser and enable tracking immediately. GadgetTrak generates location reports, map points, longitude, latitude, and IP addresses to help locate your lost device. This app also has the capability of snapping a photo of your smartphones theif. iPhone
11. SurfEasy VPN: We do everything on our phones these days including our banking, social media, booking our travel arrangements, etc. Etc. This app allows for WiFi hotspot protection, encrypts all internet traffic coming in and out of your device, and security from hackers. Android & iPhone
12. Find My iPhone: Rest assured if you misplace your iPhone with the ‘Find My iPhone’ app. This app allows you to use another iOS device to find and protect your data. Just sign into the app using your Apple ID, locate your missing device, remotely lock your device, and erase all of your date. iPhone
13. Where’s My Droid: A tracking app for Android devices. This droid app uses the phones GPS to show it’s location on Google Maps. Android
14. Antivirus & Security Lookout: Anti-virus and security app for Android phones. This app has the capability of finding your phone, backup and download of google contacts, theft alerts, safe web browsing, blockage of dangerous URLS, a privacy adviser, lock and wipe option, photo and call history backup, as well as tech support. Android

Don’t be the next identity theft victim. Download your favorite app from the list above and browse the web assured that your information is safe.

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