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Our patented AI process eliminates all matching credentials including biometrics using random numbers. Without passwords, hackers can’t gain access to your identity.

AI offers a revolutionary approach in security.

Over 80% of all system breaches are from compromised credentials.

iUniq eliminated credentials and with them, the problem.

The Solution

Our patented AI technology is radically different from all existing authentication methods, dispensing with existing data layers and vulnerabilities.

In all competitive systems credentials are required to match something a user sends with the server’s stored version. That’s an old idea with a huge security hole, yet is pursued by competitors. iUniq abandons the notion that identity requires a credentials. They are not required.

Fact: AI can identify everyone without any credentials building identity differently - uniquely - every time so no two logins are ever reused, matched or stored.


How it's done

Our patented AI technology is radically different from all existing authentication methods, building an absolute unique identity for each user and each login from random numbers. Thus every user login is different every time, never duplicated or reused.

Even though iUniq identity is always in flux and not predictable, our AI engine can decode the absolutely identity of one single user from billions of users without any static matching token files or passwords. Nothing stored is matched.



Identity always changes and never duplicated or reused.


Easy to deploy and maintain, No special hardware required.


We included all secure features into one solution and made it affordable


Dynamic identity assures each user and each login is unique, never repeated or stored.


AI Unique Identity assures each user is unique.

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